jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

Work Experience and References

I have been working around the world, teaching, performing and organizing since 2001.
Here are some of the tango schools i work with and some emails for references;

- Caminito Tango, Catania. Italy. Organizer: Angelo Grasso: caminitotango@hotmail.com. www.caminitotango.com
-ToTango, Moscow, Russia. Organizer: Anton Volkov. www.totango.ru
- Tango Tallinn, Tallinn. Estonia. Organizer: Karmen Ong: tango.tallinn@gmail.com www.tango-tallinn.com
- Amigos del Tango, Helsinki. Finland. Organizer: Kaija Palokas: kpalokas@hotmail.com www.tango.fi
- Tango Alegria, Kuopio. Finland. Organizer: Jaana Hanninen: jaanah@tangoalegria.fi www.tangoalegria.fi
- Tango Tampere, Tampere. Finland. Organizer: Jenni Valli : Jenni.Valli@uta.fi . www.tangoamoroso.fi
- Tango Jamt, As. Sweeden. Organizer: Bertil Erikson: festival@tangojamt.com www.tangojamt.com
- Cafe Tango, Joensuu. Finland. Organizer: Juhani Tahvanainen: juhani.tahvanainen@suomi24.fi www.freewebs.com/cafetango
- Lipari, Italy. www.lipartango.it

About Me and Tango

My first approach to Tango was in 1996, I was still in high school and I had a friend
who was dancing already for some years and becoming a professional. She introduce me
to Tango and took me for the first time to the "practicas" and milongas. I fell in love with it
and started to learn immediately. My first teacher back then was Pocho Pizarro,
five months later I met Gustavo Naveira at his practica, and after that I immerse myself in the
Tango Nuevo style assisting to Gustavo, Fabián Salas and Chicho Frumboli lessons and
went to milongas and practicas every day. I found an example of beauty and elegance
in the dance watching Giselle Anne, Claudia Jacobsen and Lucia Mazer .
I’ve been passionate with music since childhood (studied piano & violin), so I give priority to
dancing immersed in the music and using it as an instrument to express the magic feeling
of tango and the connection with your partner. I have trained some years in contemporary
dance and Terranea Technique, but my main body and mind training was and is Yoga.
I graduated as Purna Yoga instructor in 2001 and since 2003 have been training in Swásthya
Either in Bs. As. or abroad I teach Yoga seminars for tangueros and dancers in general.

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009